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"It can be frustrating to search through hundreds of styles and not find the exact details you're looking for. Today there is an infinite supply of design possibilities and it can be overwhelming."


Design ConsultationBostonian's Designers have been interpreting these details in a classic way for generations.  To truly capture the quintessential style for your custom design, we brainstorm together.  Ideas and knowledge merge together and form the steps to manufacture your ideas into reality.  Our transparent manufacturing process allows you to be involved every step of the way. During the initial consultation, all price quotes are estimated and itemized. 


Classically Trained Diamond SettersOnsite manufacturing insures high quality craftsmanship and greater value. Our skilled workshop and award winning design have set new and higher standards for the industry in both handmade and CAD creations. Our creative handmade collections and one-of-a-kind treasures, are on display in our Downtown Showroom and are available for immediate delivery.  All of our materials used are recycled or responsibly sourced. We welcome you to use your heirloom gemstones in any of our designs or as a start to your next custom project.      

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Solidscape Wax Prototype - Custom Jewelry DesignCAD imaging and high precision 3D printing as a deeper way to communicate and enable you to follow along during the process.  Our Designer, Alexandria, is an early adopter to this technology knowing this would be key for the future of manufacturing. Alexandria, has deep knowledge in both bench jewelry skills and computer design. This allows her to offer innovative suggestions and technical expertise in ensuring the finished product is beautiful, comfortable to wear, and well balanced suiting the wearers lifestyle. She will provide the one-on-one attention and time needed to understand the nature of the design.



Custom Design BostonWhen you are ready to get started, contact us and set up a time to discuss your project. In the meantime explore our gallery pages, our collections online and especially our social links for ideas and inspiration.



Jewelry Designer Boston Custom DesignMeet Alexandria. The Designer and Creative Director for Bostonian Jewelers.  She has emerged as one of New England's most intuitive and creative designers. Her background of jewelry making, technical design and manufacturing spans thirty years, but her ideas and approach to each project remains fresh with her ability to project her designs through 3D imaging to inspire fantastic creations. As a frequent contributor to the creative tech community, she enjoys sharing her design knowledge and social updates. 

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