Meet our team and get to know a little about who we are, our backgrounds and past experiences. The roads we traveled, to the roles we have today with Bostonian Jewelers.  This information will offer you an understanding of why we make such a terrific team, along with our gracious staff in our workshop. Our staff play a huge role from day-to-day, with the creation of wonderful jewelry and projects that are designed and executed by our management team for our clients who visit us here, at the historic Jewelers Building of Boston. 


Alexandria Matossian | Designer Director

Alexandria is our jewelry Designer and Creative Director. Her passion and love of jewelry is the perfect conduit between our clients inspirations and ideas to the finished design.  Alexandria will spend as much time as it takes through consultation with our clients to fully understand the scope of the project along with offering suggestions and ideas of small details that some clients may not have thought through such as balance, proportion and certain specific details pertaining the concept being discussed.  

Alexandria is responsible for our product development, project management and one-on-one custom designs, Alexandria trained as a metal-smith while still in high school, knowing her goals at an early age. Alexandria's apprenticeships focused on forging and granulation techniques with noble metals. 28 years later, Alexandria expresses her creations through CAD software enabling her to follow her designs throughout the entire production process.  Alexandria's custom design approach is always a classic and timeless one, with a focus on important jewelry and bridal suites. Alexandria is extremely passionate with her craft and approaches each of her projects with great enthusiasm and a huge smile.  Please come in to see for yourself or if you'd like to learn more about Alexandria, Visit her site


 Hagop Matossian | CEO | Restoration Specialist

Hagop is our diamond and gemstone expert and is also responsible for all of our estate restorations and more important alterations.  He has an eye for antique jewelry and a passion for restoring items back to a wearable condition. He is also viewed by his peers in the industry as a pioneer in laser welding techniques.  During the early 70's Hagop started in the family business when he was in his early teens, first apprenticing to be a goldsmith following his father's footsteps then a few years later it was decided for him by his father to apprentice with a master diamond setter learning a specialty within the industry, This included setting gemstones in all types of noble metals in a variety of methods and techniques which took a period of 4 years to accomplish and the rest of his life until today to master.  

During the 80's and 90's Hagop put his skills to work and was on a journey to work and understand a very in-depth business, understanding how metals and gemstones behave when being worked with along with having an understanding of quality and value.  During this time, Hagop provided his experience and skills to the family business and also to other jewelers within the jewelry industry.  Hagop provided his services to large stand alone jewelers, to name some, E.B. Horn, Shreve Crump and Low, J.S.S. DeYoung & Co., Skinner Inc. and a select group of smaller independent jewelry stores.  Throughout these years Hagop started to develop a passion with antique and period jewelry, Hagop studied how they were produced and fabricated and slowly started to revive and restore old tired jewelry to the splendor of the day they were originally made hundreds of years ago.  Due to Hagop's lifetime exposure to working with gemstones he also developed an in-depth knowledge of them and has shared this knowledge with all of his customers throughout the years. In the early 90's, Hagop opened his first retail showroom and since then has built a successful operation providing beautifully crafted jewelry and restoration services to all of his clients.  


 Barkev Matossian | CFO | Operations

Barkev is a hard-working partner behind the scenes, ensuring our operations, payments, and receipts from vendors and clients run smoothly. As a teenager, Barkev was trained to be a diamond setter by his brother Hagop. Barkev committed his early 20's to the art of diamond setting within the jewelry craft, making him a crucial part in the growth of Bostonian's large volume wholesale production years of business. Barkev has an incredible eye for details along with a very impressive memory recall for all aspects of the jewelry craft, ranging from costs of materials to time involved perform tasks in the shop. If an order requires a particular gemstone or finding, Barkev knows where to find it along with what it will cost. Some of his daily tasks include selecting gemstones for custom projects, restorations, wholesale and retail job workflow, along with quality control of completed orders. Additionally, Barkev's major role in the workshop, retail, and wholesale workflow allows Bostonian to operate efficiently, while ensuring our product quality stays exceptional.