Our Mini Mono is our first personalized product and we are excited to share it with you. We have specialized in customization for generations, providing the quality you can feel in an item that is made specifically for you. Your monogram tells the story of "you".      


 Monogramming Etiquette

Triple Letter

A monogram for a woman should include her first, middle and her last initial. Tradition says that a woman's maiden initials are always appropriate even after she is married, however it is more common to use a woman's first name (left), her married surname (middle), then her maiden name (right).

Traditionally this is presented with her last name in the middle. For Instance, Abigail Brewer Rogers would be,


When Abby marries into the Carlisle family, her new monogram will be,



Double Letter

Typically, the double letter monogram include the initial letter of the first name and initial letter of the last name.
Single Letter

There are no rules with the single letter monogram.  The initial letter of the first name or the initial letter of the last name is appropriate. 

Our designer will simply increase the size to fill the space proportionally.